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Friday, December 27, 2013

be merry

Thank you for allowing me to post a little late on this one. I am one of the lucky ones who's power has been restored (Jan is still stumbling in the dark!), although we've lost a few appliances,
I'm guessing due to power surge. No worries, we had lots to "be merry" about including the kids ornaments that come out every year as well as our peanut family made by my son when he was in kindergarten.  Amazing after 23 years that only one peanut has ever fallen off...
no, I didn't loose the peanut!


  1. Just so merry!
    Will try to have my granddaughters make little peanut ornaments this winter for next Christmas; they are so sweet!
    Glad your power is back, looking forward to next blog, happy new year:)))

  2. Hard to believe the peanut family has "stuck together" after all of these years.