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Sunday, October 6, 2013


Fall at the marshes... taken on my worldwide photowalk!


  1. Beautiful photo. Just looking at it I expect to see a duck fly by.

  2. Oh Gems this is absolutely gorgeous - where did you walk. as ever luv it

  3. I love the foreground of the branches, already bare except for a few leaves and the beautiful reflection contrasted by the reddish grasses.

  4. I'm so happy you got your walk in despite the government shutdown. This photo is beautifully serene. It reminds me of one from 366 - reflections maybe? Was it in the same area? The foreground branches make you want to look beyond.

    1. Kim - it was actually at the Suffolk County part of Seatuck in Islip. The national part was closed for the govt shutdown but we did the county part and it was a lovely walk. It is really close to you - you should check it out xoxo

  5. The foreground actually makes me look to the back, I want to see more. Excellent shot.