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Saturday, October 26, 2013


took this photo of Safari Ants in our birdbath at Kisampa only to realise that the photo has good 'reflections'.   Safari Ants, as you probably know crawl in lines, if disturbed they attack...big time...
they are so fast up your legs!!  if you leave them in their line they are harmless. Can you see from this picture the 'guards' lining their path?


  1. This is my favorite photo this week! So many interesting things to look at... I keep going back to it!

  2. oh yikes... what reflection! I'm afraid to say I can't get by the scary ants! but I did go back and see the reflection... beautiful, can even see the clouds... back to the ants !!

  3. Beautiful reflection in the blue, white and green , but this is some scary colony for the uninitiated tourists:)))

  4. Once again I am loving your post! Wow, the ants and the reflection, both amazing!