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Friday, August 30, 2013


My picture did not turn out as well as I had imagined it in my head but after putting my husband through a lot I had to publish it. We drove to Lake Ontario last night and waited at the top of the Burlington canal and Lift bridge to get a picture of the gates coming down and the bridge going up. None of the pictures look as good as it does when you are standing there. Maybe we were just too close. Regardless, it will be a good memory thanks to the blog.


  1. A most interesting gate !! Looks so massive.
    Never been to Canada.

  2. Janet, that's the way it is with this photo thing....I have a picture in my head and it never turns out the way I thought - sometimes its even better. I love this and I know Glenn probably had fun with you.

  3. This time I went through everyone's pictures without looking at the names of the publisher. I really like this picture. i love the massive bridge and the simple delicate gate to belongs to it....good shot!