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Monday, September 2, 2013


This week's project was quite a challenge for me.... there are literally NO gates here at Kisampa...and we don't have walls or doors or windows either!!  nor any fences anywhere...
so it was really lucky that we went to Dar es Salaam to get supplies and on the way have to cross into the Saadani National Park.  Everyone has to pay to get into the park and so they police this with a gate...right across the road.  No getting through without paying or permission!!

Not sure why this is posting so strangely.  I am posting on Jeanann's behalf (she did ask me to do this yesterday... but with the holiday today I forgot it was Sunday).  So she isn't to blame for being late!! Gemma


  1. Very interesting picture. Are we looking at animal skulls in front of the fence???

  2. So unique - I couldn't imagine seeing this n the West!

  3. brilliant gate - scary and wonder what it means!!